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Riccardo_Fagiolo a posted Mar 27, 14
Hello guys.
So, i'm sure you've noticed I haven't been around in the last weeks. I'm sorry for that, I'm having a bad time with school.
Anyway, I noticed many of you still use this website, but the tekkit server's website is now THIS. It's still under construction, but it works.
Now, about the server: I'm working on all the required plugins to get it going again, like the restrictor and an economy patch. It shouldn't take more than 1 more week to get them working.
I'm sorry if you can't play on the server right now, but I'm working to get it running better than ever.
I also would like to thank Sleepy, Cancro and Jade for their kindness, comprension and support. Thanks.
The server will be open soon, max 2 weeks from now. Sorry for the long times...
Riccardo_Fagiolo a Actually, the new server is open, but you need to re-apply here: ...
laserBeemz Will we sign up for a new whitelist when the server opens up?
Riccardo_Fagiolo a I re sent you an activation e-mail.

In the mean time

Irikash Admin posted Jan 26, 14
Alright guys

     So I know you are all waiting on the Tekkit server to go stable so you can play, but for those of you who care/dare to delve into the realm of classic minecraft, we finally have our second server up and running.  If you are up for it, come check it out by visiting  It's a Suvival/Towny/Economy server.  For those checking it out I hope to see you there :)  For those of you who aren't interested, hang in there :)

P.S. to join the Classic server, put or if that doesn't work try  Also, as a few have already made this mistake, if you are using the technic launcher for classic, first make sure that classic is selected, then have it set to version 1.7.4
1998hotrod It is now 1.7.4 i belive

Server Status

Riccardo_Fagiolo a posted Jan 17, 14
Hello everyone,
So, many of you are rightly asking for news about the server, and that's the reason why i'm writing this post.

I am not on the whitelist anymore? What happened?

Well, the server was rebuilt from scratch, and we are working on it right now.
Just a few people we trust can currently access the server, and they are helping us find bugs/glitches.
The rest of the people can't join the server because there are almost no protections right now, and we wouldn't like more problems than we already have.
You will have to wait for the server to get Stable.
You can though, send me a message and I will decide whether or not to let you in, but i must know you well.

What can I do meanwhile?
Play in single player and help Skuli with Tekkit,
all you have to do is play in singleplayer and report bugs (there are tons).
Our admins are reporting issues too.  You can do it by replying to Skuli's post.
You can reply to Skuli's post here.

Sorry if the post is short, I'll probably edit it, I'm a terrible writer.

1998hotrod Your righting and typing is better than mine i know not much of a compliment from me
inncog Thanks for the update Ric. I know the masses really appreciate it!

Server Rules (Subject to Change)

Irikash Admin posted Jan 10, 14  -  Laws Server RulesLawRules
Updated 1-15-2014
These rules are not the same for the current test stage, those participating in the testing may place quarries in the main world, so long as it will not cause a griefing incident with another player.
Alright guys, here is a list of server rules.

These Rules may change so check back here frequently

#1  Absolutely no griefing. There is no exception to this rule. If you are caught, and we will catch you, you will be permanently banned. Period.

#2  No hacked clients. Punishment for a hacked client is you will get banned.

#3  Do not ruin the Main world. (For Example, creating Energized Glowstone or other kind of Coloumns.) If you are caught doing this, and again we can see who did, then you will be banned

#4  Do not insult the Staff.  If they are doing something wrong, take screen shots or video. If you are unable to take screenshots or video, have a friend on the server do it for you.  If it is a Moderator causing the issue, present the evidence to an Admin. If it is an Admin causing the issue, present the evidence to either myself (Irikash) or Riccardo_Fagiolo, but under no circumstances insult the Staff.  We will take care of the issue as necessary, and trust me we are much harder on our Staff than the players. Punishment for insulting the Staff is Muted/Ban depending on the severity of the offense. ( Staff be warned we do not take kindly to mistreating the players of the community, If there is an offense that takes place against you or another Staff member, we require the same evidence,  ie screenshots and/or video to back up your decision, the only exceptions are Ric and myself as we have the final say in these decisions.  That doesn't mean that we don't have the evidence against you.)

#5  Do not take advantage, aka exploit, bugs or glitches.  If you find any, inform a Staff member immediately via PM either in game or on the website.  You may post the glitch up on the forums as well.  If it's a duplication glitch please try not to post it to the forums, that way it is less likely to be abused.  If you are caught exploiting, you will either be temp banned or permanently banned depending on the severity.

#6  Do not insult other players (Refer to #4). We keep a friendly community here. Same rules apply here as to #4. If there is an issue, report it to any Staff member.  Trolling is a form of insult, DO NOT DO IT!

#7 Any behavior intended to harm the server and/or it's population will result in a ban.
#8 Mining is allowed in the Overworld.  Quarries are not allowed in the Overworld.  Quarries are to be used in The_Pit only.
Understand that all punishments in these rules are not applied to all cases.  The punishment will be at the discretion of the Staff enforcing it.

Remember these are subject to change at any time, so check them frequently!

Thank you,

CC Deadlocks

Riccardo_Fagiolo a posted Dec 9, 13
Hey guys, i'm not good at writing.
You know there have been several deadlocks today and all the past week because of ComputerCraft.

Remember to write down all the IDs of your computers to recover the programs!

There are 2 possibilities:

- Wait for Tekkit for MC 1.6.4

- Completely Remove ComputerCraft

The choice is up to you.

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